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Property seizure and forfeiture

Property seizure and forfeiture


Under certain circumstances the law allows for police to seize items which may have been used or obtained in connection with crime. Generally items seized are cash, motor vehicles, and items the police believe can be used as evidence against the accused. Police can also seize property which has been purchased with unexplained wealth. 


These items will either be destroyed, returned to the lawful owner, or forfeited to the government depending on the steps taken after seizure. 


The circumstances in which items can be forfeited and destroyed are prescribed by law. In some cases applications can be made for the return of seized property. 


Legal advice is recommended for any person who has had property seized by the police that they wish to have returned. 

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This content is intended as general legal information only and should not be considered as legal advice relevant to any particular case. Territory Criminal Lawyers takes no responsibility or liability for any legal decisions based in whole or in part upon this legal information.

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